Top Seven Supplement For Fatty Liver in 2023

In addition to diet and positive lifestyle changes to prevent and treat fatty liver disease, supplement plays important roles in restoring and maintaining the integrity of the liver. T

Please note that, there are no pills or supplements which cures Fatty Liver instantly. Our recommended products should be taken for improving overall condition of your liver.

Himalaya LiverCare from

No 1 Recommendation: LiverCare® Econo (internationally known as Liv.52® Econo)  180 Vcaps 

Amazon’s Customer Rating 4.4/5

It has been claimed as the world’s number one liver support formula, clinically proven in 182 published clinical trials.

LiverCare/Liv.52 supports healthy liver enzyme levels and the liver’s ability to regenerate itself. It also supports the liver in functions relating to nutritional status, such as the liver’s normal ability to burn fat and help support the body’s metabolic processes.

LiverCare/Liv.52 also eliminates acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol intake. Developed in 1955. Key ingredients include Caper Bush, Chicory, Black Nightshade, Arjuna, Yarrow and Tamarisk.

LiverCare/Liv.52 keeps pace with every clock in the world. One unit is bought somewhere every single second. Also available in liquid form.

Real Customer’s Feedback

I have been a wine lover for many years. I can drink quite a bit more than you average guy. It is not out of the question to drink 8-10 glasses of wine in a day. I always drink at night after work and never had any negative effects on the job as I can function fine the next day. The problem came a year ago when in a routine physical my doc did blood tests and my liver function tests showed VERY elevated levels…like over 3-4 times what they should be. I didn’t pay heed much but did taper my drinking for awhile.

Time went by, I put it out of my mind and when I really did try to control my number of drinks I again went to a doctor to explore my options. I took another liver function test and they were all sky high. He asked me to reduce my drinking and return in 2 1/2 weeks to repeat the tests. I immediately researched fatty liver and started to find that this product had a lot of buzz on the internet. I ordered it priority overnight shipping and I also went to Trader Joe’s and bought Milk Thistle. I took the recommended dose for the next 2 1/2 weeks and returned to get my blood tested again. My liver enzymes were all down significantly in just 2 weeks! To make it more amazing I did reduce my drinking some but was still drinking 4-6 a day. When my doctors and the nurses told me that this was something they have never seen in patients that fast when they stopped drinking. They said “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!” That was enough for me. I continued to take these as well as 1000 mg of milk thistle a day since and I can not believe how much better I feel. I still struggle to moderate drinking but this product clearly made me feel better by helping my liver detoxify my system. I definitely recommend this for any reason you have to think your liver function is compromised from medications or other toxins we all put in our bodies! By D. C. Rennie

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Our 2nd best product: LivaTone Plus 240 Caps

This product is highly effective if you have fatty liver disease.

Livatone® Plus has the same benefits as the Livatone® and in addition, because of its more extensive list of synergistic ingredients, can be beneficial for people with many types of liver damage.

This high potency herbal and nutritional formula, is essential in promoting liver detoxification and health. It supports Phase One and Phase Two detoxification pathways ensuring optimum detoxification with reduced side effects.

It does not contains no table salt, lactose, dairy products, gluten, artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives. Livatone® Plus capsules contain herbs that are traditionally used as a liver tonic to help maintain healthy digestive function.

Real Customer’s Review

I have used this product for about five years and I think it is one of the best choices anyone can make for a vitamin supplement; we hear all the time about the constant attacks the human liver faces, and this product is formulated to offset much of that damage, be it from lifestyle, environmental issues, etc. The only downside is that it is really expensive.

Just received my second bottle. I had a test previously before taking the Livaone Plus, that revealed that I had a fatty liver. After taking the first bottle, I had the test taken again, and it is all GONE! I am so happy with the results and will continue to use this awesome product!

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For better result we also recommend following product

Life Extension – Milk Thistle – Certified European Milk Thistle 750mg – 120 Vegetarian Caps

Don’t want to spend money on supplements? No problem! Check the alternatives below.

You can reduce the risk of fatty liver or cure it by taking following supplements as well. These are the top seven supplements that have been proven to be effective in preventing and managing this condition.

  1. Vitamin E: this is the number one supplement used in treatment of fatty liver disease. It is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties which helps the liver to eliminate toxins and repair damaged liver cells affected by inflammation.
  2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C enhances the healing capacity of cells. This is very important in restoring injured liver cells. Also, it helps to neutralize the damaging effects of toxins in the liver.
  3. Betaine (Trimethyglycine): Although studies are underway to discover the way this supplement can treat fatty liver disease, there are reports of its effectiveness in restoring the liver’s integrity.
  4. Selenium: This is a potent antioxidant mineral that reduces the deposition of fatty acids in the liver. Studies revealed that a deficiency of selenium in the body leads to accumulation of excess fat in the liver.
  5. Omega 3: Omega 3 has been recommended for the treatment of fatty liver disease. It contains non-saturated fat and acts as an antioxidant too.
  6. 6.    Southern ginseng
  7. 7.    Milk thistle: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gall bladder problems.

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