Liver Health Formula by PureHealth Review

Liver Health Formula by Dr. Holly Lucille is liver support supplement & weight loss program marketed by Pure Health Research which promises hard to believe health benefits. Let’s closely look into this product in this short review.

LiverHealthFormula is marketed through a long boring online infomercial (though they claim it as short video presentation). You have probably watched the video that looks like below. (screenshot)

The painfully slow narration of the video would make you feel sick & frustrated, because ‘the 4 warning signs of liver damage‘ is not revealed!

Who is Dr Holly Lucille?

As per limited information available, Dr. Holly is a licensed & practicing Naturopathic healer. She’s been practicing for more than 20 years. Yes, she appears to be a genuine doctor. However, her appointment is only available through Telehealth. So we can conclude that she’s not a scam doc!

Dr. Holly Lucille as seen on Liver Health Formula video presentation

Internet is full of con doctors.

There are many internet doctors like Raphael Perez, Mercel Cept, Paul O Connells with dubious bio & questionable reputation who are selling various health and dietary supplements with the promise of unbelievable cure for various diseases.

Medical doctors hardly endorse any unproven dietary supplements due to professional ethics. Atleast Dr. Holly seems to be a genuine healthcare practitioner.

Liver Health Formula Ingredients

Liver Health Formula by PureHealthResearch contains 11 all-natural ingredients such as Turmeric (root), Beet (root), Dandelion (root), Artichoke Extract (leaf), Milk Thistle, Ginger (root), Alfalfa (leaf), L-Cysteine, Glycine, Vitamin D3, and BioPerine Extract (Black Pepper).

The promised benefits are as follows

  1. Regain your youthful energy levels.
  2. Renew your sharp thinking.
  3. Melt away stubborn belly fat.
  4. Support healthy blood sugar levels.
  5. Boost your healthy digestion.
  6. Look and feel years – even decades – younger.

3 ingredients viz- , milk thistle & bioperine are known to support liver and prostate. Other ingredients are also supportive for weight loss, sugar control and overall well-being.

All of these ingredients contribute to a formula that can help to reduce the waistline, help maintain optimum blood-sugar levels, regain youthful mental vitality and energy, boost digestion and help your liver to perform at its peak. That means regaining that feeling of youthfulness – and looking the part.

Real Customers Feedback

The official website has around 2000 customers rating. 90% of are 5 star and remaining are 4 star. Since the ratings are not independently verifiable we can conclude that this product is amazingly good or lower ratings are removed. Conclude as per your wisdom!

The best Liver Support Supplement

Pricing Info

  • One bottle is around $45 on official website
  • 3 bottles are sold for around $41
  • 6 bottles are available for $39

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Better Alternative

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Lifestyle diseases are becoming deadly

Modern life has many advantages – but that time-poor, fast-track lifestyle that many professionals (and others) can lead to low energy levels, weight gain, fatigue, and listlessness. This may be a result of a liver that is not functioning optimally. See our recommended supplements for liverhealth.

The liver has been called ‘youth’s battery’ – when functioning at its full potential it keeps us youthful, energetic, and mentally alert, but sugar-laden convenience food, pollution, environmental toxins, and stress can negatively affect our liver function.


The effects of our modern lifestyle can be cumulative on the health of our liver. By the age of 35, the buildup of toxins in the liver (even in those who do not drink alcohol) from various environmental sources can reduce the liver’s capacity to cope.

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