Fatty Liver vs Cirrhosis

Phases of Liver Damage and Liver Failure

Liver Damage comes in several phases. It is important to know these phases so you can avoid potentially life threatening liver failure later on.

The first phase of liver damage is often fatty liver. This condition has officially occurred when the liver is 5-10% fat by weight. While fatty liver does not directly harm you, it can lead to liver swelling and eventual cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is irreversible scarring of the liver. This scarring usually occurs after long periods of untreated liver disease. The worst part of this condition is that it can lead to total liver failure, a life threatening condition if a transplant cannot be found.

In the process of getting these two conditions, there are several things you can do to stop the cycle and restore your liver health. These include:

  • Modifying Your Diet
  • Exercising More Often
  • Not Drinking Alcohol
  • Stopping all non-prescription medication
  • Curing underlying diseases that are causing liver disease

Because underlying diseases such as Hepatitis can be causing liver damage, you should always talk to your doctor about solving liver disease as soon as possible.

Understanding Liver Failure Symptoms and Liver Pain

Liver Pain can end a good day fast. Plus, it usually indicates a more serious underlying condition that must be dealt with. This article will explore some of the possible causes of liver pain, then list various cures for them.

The liver is located in the upper right abdominal area, at the bottom of the rib cage. As the body’s largest internal organ, the liver cannot be ignored. Its functions are essential and are not replaceable by any other organ. It is responsible for filtering the blood, aiding digestion, and transferring fat to blood glucose for energy.

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Does the Liver Experience Pain?

When looking at liver dysfunction and pain, it’s important to note that the liver itself does not experience pain. Instead, the liver will inflame and press against the membrane around itself. This can cause sharp or dull pain in the upper right abdomen. Another possibility is that you have gall stones. The gall bladder is located right next to the liver, and gall stones could cause very serious pain!

Any time you experience pain, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. It could be liver scarring, cancer, inflammation, gall stones, or any one of the various other diseases. Because of this, it is critical that you see your doctor as soon as you experience liver problems. Only a doctor can diagnose and cure more serious medical conditions that could be causing liver damage.

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The solution – Modifying Your Diet

Please Bear This In Mind, You Must Find The Exact Food That Meets The Following Criteria:

  1. The food must be free of Hydrazines and Amines that have a potent aggravating effect on your liver
  2. The veggies you eat must not be from the Nightshade family (with certain exceptions). These can make you sick within hours.
  3. The food must not contain L-cavanine. A couple of large scale studies in monkeys proved that L-cavanine causes production of auto-antibodies in monkeys. Similar results were found in trials involving human volunteers. these volunteers completely recovered when sources of L-cavanine was removed from their menu. We must completely resolve the autoimmune aspect of a damaged liver. (SOURCE: Clinical trials (Lancet, 1981))
  4. The food must not contain ginkgolic acid, which was found to have significant immunological reactions in the lymph nodes. SOURCE: Koch E, Jaggy H, Chatterjee SS)
  5. The food must have a gentle alkalizing and soothing effect on the pH levels in our body.
  6. The food must not interfere with the ability of our buffer systems to regulate the pH levels.
  7. Properly shaped protein is one of the precursors of liver cirrhosis management. The food we eat must not interfere with the protein metabolism and the shape they take as a result.
  8. Calcium levels balance is crucial for liver cirrhosis remission. Wrong food you eat every days forms alkaline ash. To neutralize this, your body will draw upon its calcium phosphate reserves to supply your phosphate buffer system. The end result is lowered calcium in your body, fragile bones and teeth and an autoimmune reaction.
  9. The food must not leave alkaline ash behind.
  10. The food must not be estrogenic or increase estrogen flow.
  11. The food must not contribute to the production of prostaglandin F2-alphathat is a precursor for liver inflammation.
  12. Copper lurks from your kitchen and your supermarket. When it gets into your body it has a strong estrogen-boosting effect and is a Zinc antagonist. Fighting estrogen dominance and maintaining healthy levels of Zinc are two of the basic principles of the Ezra protocol.
  13. The food must not be copper rich.
  14. The food must not be rich in phytoestrogens.
  15. The foods that you eat must not be a direct result of a hormone charged process in nature.
  16. The food must not contribute to depletion of vitamin B levels.
  17. The food must have a gentle soothing effect on the gallbladder.
  18. The food must not be rich in phytic acid which can lock Zinc from being absorbed.
  19. Must not contain high levels of Aluminum.
  20. The food must contribute to the right balance between the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This is a very tricky and sensitive matter.
  21. You must learn to recognize foods that might be grown using petroleum based fertilizers.
  22. You must learn the exact truth about the connection between the food you eat, Vitamin D and fatty liver. There are so many misconceptions regarding this and only one simple truth.

So, You See There’s A Clutter Of 20 Rules That Are Hard To Make Sense Of Unless Somebody Does It All For You.

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