Diet For Fatty Liver Disease

The importance of balanced diet in health maintenance cannot be overemphasized. It is the key item in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease.

Consumption of alcohol and excess fat leads to accumulation of excessive fatty acids in the liver which is the cause of fatty liver disease, therefore, a low fat diet and alcohol restriction will be beneficial in reversing the progress of this condition.

Here are several important points to consider when choosing an ideal diet for preventing and treating fatty liver disease:

  1. Diet must be high in fiber and protein instead of carb and fat.
  2. Fruits and green vegetables must make up a larger part of your diet every day.
  3. Alcohol must be eliminated from your diet, yes, no matter how difficult it may seem to avoid alcohol it must be done.
  4. Replace alcohol with water. Drink over 2000ml of water daily to aid detoxification and flushing out of toxins from the system.
  5. Consume fish and lean meat instead of red meat and pork.
  6. Consider taking liver support supplement

Diet plan

If you are not sure about how to go about your diet and ensuring the right food gets into your body, it might be best to consult a dietician who can help you plan your diet and monitor your progress. Meanwhile, a recommended sample diet plan below can help you start out on the right note.

Start your day with food high in fiber to keep you full for a longer time. Low fat milk (skimmed) or yoghurt should be used in place of full cream milk.

Keep fruits handy and grab them when you have the craving for cookies and fried snacks. It may be unpleasant at first but with time you will enjoy the treat.

Eat smaller portion of meal 5-6 times a day instead of heavy meals.