Top Seven Supplement For Fatty Liver

In addition to diet and positive lifestyle changes to prevent and treat fatty liver disease, supplement plays important roles in restoring and maintaining the integrity of the liver. T

Please note that, there are no pills or supplements which cures Fatty Liver instantly. Our recommended products should be taken for improving overall condition of your liver.

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No 1 Recommendation: LiverCare® Econo (internationally known as Liv.52® Econo)  180 Vcaps 

Amazon’s Customer Rating 4.4/5

It has been claimed as the world’s number one liver support formula, clinically proven in 182 published clinical trials.

LiverCare/Liv.52 supports healthy liver enzyme levels and the liver’s ability to regenerate itself. It also supports the liver in functions relating to nutritional status, such as the liver’s normal ability to burn fat and help support the body’s metabolic processes.

LiverCare/Liv.52 also eliminates acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol intake. Developed in 1955. Key ingredients include Caper Bush, Chicory, Black Nightshade, Arjuna, Yarrow and Tamarisk.

LiverCare/Liv.52 keeps pace with every clock in the world. One unit is bought somewhere every single second. Also available in liquid form.

Real Customer’s Feedback


I have been a wine lover for many years. I can drink quite a bit more than you average guy. It is not out of the question to drink 8-10 glasses of wine in a day. I always drink at night after work and never had any negative effects on the job as I can function fine the next day. The problem came a year ago when in a routine physical my doc did blood tests and my liver function tests showed VERY elevated levels…like over 3-4 times what they should be. I didn’t pay heed much but did taper my drinking for awhile.

Time went by, I put it out of my mind and when I really did try to control my number of drinks I again went to a doctor to explore my options. I took another liver function test and they were all sky high. He asked me to reduce my drinking and return in 2 1/2 weeks to repeat the tests. I immediately researched fatty liver and started to find that this product had a lot of buzz on the internet. I ordered it priority overnight shipping and I also went to Trader Joe’s and bought Milk Thistle. I took the recommended dose for the next 2 1/2 weeks and returned to get my blood tested again. My liver enzymes were all down significantly in just 2 weeks! To make it more amazing I did reduce my drinking some but was still drinking 4-6 a day. When my doctors and the nurses told me that this was something they have never seen in patients that fast when they stopped drinking. They said “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!” That was enough for me. I continued to take these as well as 1000 mg of milk thistle a day since and I can not believe how much better I feel. I still struggle to moderate drinking but this product clearly made me feel better by helping my liver detoxify my system. I definitely recommend this for any reason you have to think your liver function is compromised from medications or other toxins we all put in our bodies! By D. C. Rennie

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Our 2nd best product: LivaTone Plus 240 Caps

This product is highly effective if you have fatty liver disease.

Livatone® Plus has the same benefits as the Livatone® and in addition, because of its more extensive list of synergistic ingredients, can be beneficial for people with many types of liver damage.

This high potency herbal and nutritional formula, is essential in promoting liver detoxification and health. It supports Phase One and Phase Two detoxification pathways ensuring optimum detoxification with reduced side effects.

It does not contains no table salt, lactose, dairy products, gluten, artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives. Livatone® Plus capsules contain herbs that are traditionally used as a liver tonic to help maintain healthy digestive function.

Real Customer’s Review

I have used this product for about five years and I think it is one of the best choices anyone can make for a vitamin supplement; we hear all the time about the constant attacks the human liver faces, and this product is formulated to offset much of that damage, be it from lifestyle, environmental issues, etc. The only downside is that it is really expensive.

Just received my second bottle. I had a test previously before taking the Livaone Plus, that revealed that I had a fatty liver. After taking the first bottle, I had the test taken again, and it is all GONE! I am so happy with the results and will continue to use this awesome product!

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For better result we also recommend following product

Life Extension – Milk Thistle – Certified European Milk Thistle 750mg – 120 Vegetarian Caps

Don’t want to spend money on supplements? No problem! Check the alternatives below.

You can reduce the risk of fatty liver or cure it by taking following supplements as well. These are the top seven supplements that have been proven to be effective in preventing and managing this condition.

  1. Vitamin E: this is the number one supplement used in treatment of fatty liver disease. It is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties which helps the liver to eliminate toxins and repair damaged liver cells affected by inflammation.
  2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C enhances the healing capacity of cells. This is very important in restoring injured liver cells. Also, it helps to neutralize the damaging effects of toxins in the liver.
  3. Betaine (Trimethyglycine): Although studies are underway to discover the way this supplement can treat fatty liver disease, there are reports of its effectiveness in restoring the liver’s integrity.
  4. Selenium: This is a potent antioxidant mineral that reduces the deposition of fatty acids in the liver. Studies revealed that a deficiency of selenium in the body leads to accumulation of excess fat in the liver.
  5. Omega 3: Omega 3 has been recommended for the treatment of fatty liver disease. It contains non-saturated fat and acts as an antioxidant too.
  6. 6.    Southern ginseng
  7. 7.    Milk thistle: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gall bladder problems.


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Fatty Liver vs Cirrhosis

Phases of Liver Damage and Liver Failure

Liver Damage comes in several phases. It is important to know these phases so you can avoid potentially life threatening liver failure later on.

The first phase of liver damage is often fatty liver. This condition has officially occurred when the liver is 5-10% fat by weight. While fatty liver does not directly harm you, it can lead to liver swelling and eventual cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is irreversible scarring of the liver. This scarring usually occurs after long periods of untreated liver disease. The worst part of this condition is that it can lead to total liver failure, a life threatening condition if a transplant cannot be found.

In the process of getting these two conditions, there are several things you can do to stop the cycle and restore your liver health. These include:

  • Modifying Your Diet
  • Exercising More Often
  • Not Drinking Alcohol
  • Stopping all non-prescription medication
  • Curing underlying diseases that are causing liver disease

Because underlying diseases such as Hepatitis can be causing liver damage, you should always talk to your doctor about solving liver disease as soon as possible.

Understanding Liver Failure Symptoms and Liver Pain

Liver Pain can end a good day fast. Plus, it usually indicates a more serious underlying condition that must be dealt with. This article will explore some of the possible causes of liver pain, then list various cures for them.

The liver is located in the upper right abdominal area, at the bottom of the rib cage. As the body’s largest internal organ, the liver cannot be ignored. Its functions are essential and are not replaceable by any other organ. It is responsible for filtering the blood, aiding digestion, and transferring fat to blood glucose for energy.

1. parietal peritoneum 2. gall bladder 3. liver 4. stomach 5. greater curvature 6. greater omentum 7. hepatic (colic) flexure 8. haustrae
Does the Liver Experience Pain?

When looking at liver dysfunction and pain, it’s important to note that the liver itself does not experience pain. Instead, the liver will inflame and press against the membrane around itself. This can cause sharp or dull pain in the upper right abdomen. Another possibility is that you have gall stones. The gall bladder is located right next to the liver, and gall stones could cause very serious pain!

Any time you experience pain, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. It could be liver scarring, cancer, inflammation, gall stones, or any one of the various other diseases. Because of this, it is critical that you see your doctor as soon as you experience liver problems. Only a doctor can diagnose and cure more serious medical conditions that could be causing liver damage.

The solution – Modifying Your Diet

Please Bear This In Mind, You Must Find The Exact Food That Meets The Following Criteria:

  1. The food must be free of Hydrazines and Amines that have a potent aggravating effect on your liver
  2. The veggies you eat must not be from the Nightshade family (with certain exceptions). These can make you sick within hours.
  3. The food must not contain L-cavanine. A couple of large scale studies in monkeys proved that L-cavanine causes production of auto-antibodies in monkeys. Similar results were found in trials involving human volunteers. these volunteers completely recovered when sources of L-cavanine was removed from their menu. We must completely resolve the autoimmune aspect of a damaged liver. (SOURCE: Clinical trials (Lancet, 1981))
  4. The food must not contain ginkgolic acid, which was found to have significant immunological reactions in the lymph nodes. SOURCE: Koch E, Jaggy H, Chatterjee SS)
  5. The food must have a gentle alkalizing and soothing effect on the pH levels in our body.
  6. The food must not interfere with the ability of our buffer systems to regulate the pH levels.
  7. Properly shaped protein is one of the precursors of liver cirrhosis management. The food we eat must not interfere with the protein metabolism and the shape they take as a result.
  8. Calcium levels balance is crucial for liver cirrhosis remission. Wrong food you eat every days forms alkaline ash. To neutralize this, your body will draw upon its calcium phosphate reserves to supply your phosphate buffer system. The end result is lowered calcium in your body, fragile bones and teeth and an autoimmune reaction.
  9. The food must not leave alkaline ash behind.
  10. The food must not be estrogenic or increase estrogen flow.
  11. The food must not contribute to the production of prostaglandin F2-alphathat is a precursor for liver inflammation.
  12. Copper lurks from your kitchen and your supermarket. When it gets into your body it has a strong estrogen-boosting effect and is a Zinc antagonist. Fighting estrogen dominance and maintaining healthy levels of Zinc are two of the basic principles of the Ezra protocol.
  13. The food must not be copper rich.
  14. The food must not be rich in phytoestrogens.
  15. The foods that you eat must not be a direct result of a hormone charged process in nature.
  16. The food must not contribute to depletion of vitamin B levels.
  17. The food must have a gentle soothing effect on the gallbladder.
  18. The food must not be rich in phytic acid which can lock Zinc from being absorbed.
  19. Must not contain high levels of Aluminum.
  20. The food must contribute to the right balance between the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This is a very tricky and sensitive matter.
  21. You must learn to recognize foods that might be grown using petroleum based fertilizers.
  22. You must learn the exact truth about the connection between the food you eat, Vitamin D and fatty liver. There are so many misconceptions regarding this and only one simple truth.

So, You See There’s A Clutter Of 20 Rules That Are Hard To Make Sense Of Unless Somebody Does It All For You.

Now get this cookbook which meets all the criteria listed above. It’s called “Liver Cirrhosis Freedom Cookbook“. Is A 185-Page Cookbook With Hundreds Of Delicious Recipes That You Can Eat Guilt-Free! And this is a must have one and we highly recommend it. It cost just $19.97 which is really super value comparing $100’s dollars we spend on supplements. The cookbook is in digital format and can be downloaded immediately.



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Treatment For Fatty Liver Disease

When diagnosed early fatty liver disease can be reversed and the victim can return to normal life within few weeks of treatment. The treatment for this condition aims at eliminating the causative factors contributing to accumulation of triglycerides in the liver.

A detoxification is necessary to cleanse the liver and flush out toxins from the body; this can be achieved effectively with fasting and consumption of large amount of water. Thereafter, other treatment options can be employed.

  1. Weight loss: gradual weight loss achieved through diet and regular physical exercise is advised for obese people. It may seem difficult to lose weight and lots of people often give up but with constant effort and perseverance this goal can be achieved.
  2. Management of diabetes: Blood glucose should be control with diet and drugs to reduce insulin resistance.
  3. Avoid Alcohol: being the cause of fatty liver disease in most cases, it is important to eliminate alcohol from the body to avoid further complications especially hepatocellular carcinoma.
  4. Reduce drug use: avoid using recreational drugs. Prescribed drugs must be used as directed by the physician. Attempt using alternatives to harmful drugs that causes harm to the liver.
  5. Treat Hyperlipidemia: this is one of the causes of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Go for regular check up to determine the cholesterol level and follow treatment strictly in order to keep the lipid level under control.
  6. Use of herbs: several herbs have been reported to be very effective in the detoxification of the liver and treatment of fatty liver disease.
  7. Diet: reduce intake of fatty food; your diet must consist of foods that contain less fat and processed sugar.

However, if the condition has advanced and cannot be reversed, your doctor may suggest other treatment regimen that will be best for you.

Diet For Fatty Liver Disease

The importance of balanced diet in health maintenance cannot be overemphasized. It is the key item in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease.

Consumption of alcohol and excess fat leads to accumulation of excessive fatty acids in the liver which is the cause of fatty liver disease, therefore, a low fat diet and alcohol restriction will be beneficial in reversing the progress of this condition.

Here are several important points to consider when choosing an ideal diet for preventing and treating fatty liver disease:

  1. Diet must be high in fiber and protein instead of carb and fat.
  2. Fruits and green vegetables must make up a larger part of your diet every day.
  3. Alcohol must be eliminated from your diet, yes, no matter how difficult it may seem to avoid alcohol it must be done.
  4. Replace alcohol with water. Drink over 2000ml of water daily to aid detoxification and flushing out of toxins from the system.
  5. Consume fish and lean meat instead of red meat and pork.

Diet plan

If you are not sure about how to go about your diet and ensuring the right food gets into your body, it might be best to consult a dietician who can help you plan your diet and monitor your progress. Meanwhile, a recommended sample diet plan below can help you start out on the right note.

Start your day with food high in fiber to keep you full for a longer time. Low fat milk (skimmed) or yoghurt should be used in place of full cream milk.

Keep fruits handy and grab them when you have the craving for cookies and fried snacks. It may be unpleasant at first but with time you will enjoy the treat.

Eat smaller portion of meal 5-6 times a day instead of heavy meals.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Herbal Medicines

Ayurvedic system originated from Indian thousands of years ago and has since spread to many other parts of the world. It was used for the prevention and treatment of various ailments even before the introduction of orthodox medicines. It is an alternative medicine involving the use of herbs and various lifestyle modifications for the prevention and treatment of ailments.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the organs in the human body are categorized into elements (dosas) which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha depending on its function. These elements must work in harmony to maintain equilibrium for an individual to be healthy. A defect in any of these three elements will cause malfunction in the others.

The liver being an organ of metabolism is considered as a pitta (fire) which burns out impurities from the body; when it is overloaded it causes the body to become unhealthy and the individual will feel sick. It offers several remedies for cleansing the liver and maintaining its integrity.

Ayurvedia employs diet, lifestyle change, and use of designated herbs for preventing and treating fatty liver disease. It encourages the consumption of diet that will improve liver function and elimination or restriction of foods that aggravates the condition such as spicy and oily foods.

Special herbal solutions are prepared with a blend of natural plants such as:

  • Chicory seed
  • Ginger
  • Picrorhiza
  • Katuki
  • Aloe Vera
  • Embelia root

There herbs are believed to be potent in detoxification of the liver and improving its function effectively.

It is always advised to consult a physician before embarking on this treatment as there are various concerns about alternative medicines.