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Fatty Liver vs Cirrhosis

24 July, 2013 (18:45) | Liver Disease, Treatment | By: admin

Phases of Liver Damage and Liver Failure Liver Damage comes in several phases. It is important to know these phases so you can avoid potentially life threatening liver failure later on. The first phase of liver damage is often fatty liver. This condition has officially occurred when the liver is 5-10% fat by weight. While Read More

Top Seven Supplement For Fatty Liver

30 August, 2012 (07:41) | Treatment | By: admin

In addition to diet and positive lifestyle changes to prevent and treat fatty liver disease, supplement plays important roles in restoring and maintaining the integrity of the liver. T Please note that, there are no pills or supplements which cures Fatty Liver instantly. Our recommended products should be taken for improving overall condition of your Read More

Treatment For Fatty Liver Disease

25 August, 2012 (07:40) | Treatment | By: admin

When diagnosed early fatty liver disease can be reversed and the victim can return to normal life within few weeks of treatment. The treatment for this condition aims at eliminating the causative factors contributing to accumulation of triglycerides in the liver. A detoxification is necessary to cleanse the liver and flush out toxins from the Read More

Diet For Fatty Liver Disease

23 July, 2012 (07:38) | Treatment | By: admin

The importance of balanced diet in health maintenance cannot be overemphasized. It is the key item in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease. Consumption of alcohol and excess fat leads to accumulation of excessive fatty acids in the liver which is the cause of fatty liver disease, therefore, a low fat diet and Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment and Herbal Medicines

10 June, 2012 (07:33) | Treatment | By: admin

Ayurvedic system originated from Indian thousands of years ago and has since spread to many other parts of the world. It was used for the prevention and treatment of various ailments even before the introduction of orthodox medicines. It is an alternative medicine involving the use of herbs and various lifestyle modifications for the prevention Read More