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Fatty Liver vs Cirrhosis

24 July, 2013 (18:45) | Liver Disease, Treatment | By: admin

Phases of Liver Damage and Liver Failure Liver Damage comes in several phases. It is important to know these phases so you can avoid potentially life threatening liver failure later on. The first phase of liver damage is often fatty liver. This condition has officially occurred when the liver is 5-10% fat by weight. While Read More

Liver Cancer and Treatment Options

20 August, 2012 (07:25) | Liver Disease | By: admin

Approximately 10% of fatty liver disease progress to hepatocellular carcinoma (cancer of the liver). However, this figure is often lower in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. When the hepatocytes become non-functional after displacement and loss of its contents to triglycerides, inflammatory processes may take place leading to injury to the cells. Any attempt at healing may Read More

Causes of Fatty Liver

20 August, 2012 (07:13) | Liver Disease | By: admin

The pre-morbid statuses of people with fatty liver disease are often used to determine the causative factor of their condition irrespective of the presenting type. The major causes of fatty liver diseases have been researched and found to be either one or more of the following which directly or indirectly lead to deposition and accumulation Read More

Signs And Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

20 August, 2012 (07:10) | Liver Disease | By: admin

Fatty liver disease progresses asymptomatically in almost all sufferers until it is accidentally discovered during routine medical check-up or investigation for a different ailment. Secondly, most of the signs and symptoms are often mild, non-specific, and vary depending on the stage of the disease. The patients usually overlook these indicators until they begin to interfere Read More

Fatty Liver Disease

20 August, 2012 (07:08) | Liver Disease | By: admin

People are often filled with fear and anxiety when they are diagnosed with conditions of the liver probably due to the important functions the liver plays in the human body and unfavorable prognosis of most liver conditions. The liver is the second largest organ in the body after the skin. Almost all bodily functions are Read More

Classification of Fatty Liver Disease

20 May, 2012 (07:31) | Liver Disease | By: admin

There are primarily two types of fatty liver disease. This classification is majorly dependent on the causative factors. 1.   Alcoholic fatty liver disease Alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) is a disorder of the liver associated with consumption of alcohol and it is the major contributing factor to development of liver disease in developed countries. It Read More